Advising for Athletes

Advising for Athletes

The The Lambert Undergraduate Advising Center provides academic support for the Athletics Department. We assist athletic administrators, coaches, faculty and student-athletes so that student-athletes can reach their fullest potential. Our goal is to help cultivate and enhance student-athletes’ opportunities for academic success.

Advising Tips for Student-Athletes

The checklist below provides academic advisers with tips to improve the advising experience of student-athletes during New Student Orientation and beyond at Penn State Harrisburg.

New Student Orientation Advising Recommendations

Student Athlete Classification

To determine whether a student is classified as a student-athlete, advisers and students can use Lionpath, the Academic Background section, which includes an Athletic participation field that shows the student’s status.


Coaches tend to have practice during common hour on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (11:30 – 1:25). Game Day is sports specific. Encourage students to work with their coaches regarding late courses on Game Day.

  • Encourage students to take 8 am classes.
  • Encourage students not to schedule classes after 3pm on Wednesdays for the following sports (Soccer, Basketball & Baseball).
  • Do not encourage online classes for 1st year students.
  • Penn State sets a limit on the amount of online classes an athlete can take and remain eligible. Refer students to their coach for more information.
  • Kines 088 – The Varsity Sport Experience
    • Per the direction of the Athletic department, refer students to consult with their coach regarding details of Kines 088.

Assigned Adviser

If there is no assigned adviser listed in Lionpath, send your student-athlete to the Advising Center to have an adviser assigned. Make sure the student identifies themselves as student-athletes. 

Post-New Student Orientation Advising Recommendations

Consultation with Instructor

Encourage students to speak with their instructor to ensure they are meeting requirements of   the course. If students are experiencing challenges grasping course material, it is vital to speak with the instructor in addition to your coach and academic adviser regarding ways to improve.

Dropping courses

Only full-time students (except non-degree) are eligible to participate in intercollegiate athletic contests. If a student drops below full-time status any time during the semester, that student will be immediately ineligible including not participating in games or practice.

  • Ensure students consult with their coach, financial aid and their academic adviser before dropping any course. You can confirm this process by having the student-athlete complete the Course Drop Checklist for Student-Athletes.