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Business and Liberal Arts
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Nursing and Health-Related
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Weekend College

Your way, your time!

  • Perfect for busy, working adults
  • Designed with flexibility in mind
  • Earn credits by taking courses two weekends a month – online and on campus.


  • Scheduling flexibility
  • Adult-friendly schedules, featuring twice-a-month weekend classes (Friday evenings or Saturday mornings)
  • Classes that combine face-to-face sessions with online learning (hybrid), requiring fewer hours on campus
  • A high level of faculty-student interaction
  • General education courses that may be applied to multiple credit certificates, or undergraduate degrees at Penn State and other colleges and universities
  • Financial aid to those who qualify, including part-time (6 credits or more), degree-seeking students
  • Multiple learning tracks that enable students to progress at their own pace
  • A new Health Science Professions Certificate program geared to individuals looking for a pathway to a health science career (Many of the courses are prerequisites for popular health career programs, including our accelerated bachelor of science, major in Nursing, Second Degree Program.)

Perfect for adults who are:

First-time college students

College courses can give you new tools to use on the job and increase your confidence. As an adult student, you have real life experience – you manage multiple projects, write reports, discuss ideas, and work in teams. College is not so different. Start by working on a credit certificate then progress to an associate or baccalaureate degree.

Returning students

You may already have credits that count toward a certificate program. Our academic advisers can review your previous college credits to see how they may be applied toward a certificate, or degree program.

Courses may be used toward the following programs:

Liberal Arts Track

  • Foundations in Letters, Arts and Sciences (LAS) I Certificate (12 credits)
  • Foundations in Letters, Arts and Sciences (LAS) II Certificate (24 credits)
  • Advanced Foundations in Letters, Arts and Sciences (LAS) Certificate (42 credits)
  • Associate Degree in Letters, Arts and Sciences (60 credits) 

Business Track

  • Foundations in Business Administration I Certificate (12 credits)
  • Foundations in Business Administration II Certificate (18 credits)
  • Advanced Foundation in Business Administration Certificate (28 credits)

Health Sciences Track

  • Health Science Professions Certificate (40 credits)