Microsoft Project™

This one-day program introduces the fundamentals of Microsoft Project in a hands-on environment where each student is provided with a computer to complete instructor-led exercises. The program will provide a basic understanding of Microsoft Project, including creating and modifying tasks, working with tables, views, and costs, and working in diagram view, among other topics.

Who Should Attend

Students will get the most out of the course if their goal is to become proficient project managers by using Microsoft Project to plan and manage their projects effectively. Participants should be comfortable using a personal computer and Microsoft Windows XP.


Unit 1

  • Project management concepts
  • Exploring Microsoft Project 2003 for Windows
  • Using help
  • Working with project files
  • Closing project files and closing Microsoft Project

Unit 2

  • Creating a task list
  • Modifying a task list
  • Creating a work breakdown structure

Unit 3

  • Setting up task links
  • Working in network diagram view
  • Working with advanced task options

Unit 4

  • Creating base calendars
  • Working with resources and calendars
  • Working with resource costs

Unit 5

  • Working with views
  • Working with tables

Unit 6

  • Working with filters
  • Working with groups
  • Sorting tasks and resources

Unit 7

  • Finalizing schedules
  • Resolving resource conflicts