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January 13 - March 3, 2014
6:00 - 8:45 p.m.
Penn State Harrisburg

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Undergraduate Credit:
IB 297 Special Topics (2 credits)
Graduate Credit:
MNGMT 897 Special Topics (2 credits)

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$590 per credit
$736 per credit
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$84 (1-4 credits)
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$27 (1-4 credits)
Student Facilities Fee: $36 (1-4 credits)


$395 per person

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Basic Chinese Conversation and Asian Business Culture


This course is an excellent primer for undergraduate and graduate students and business professionals who aspire to be or are currently involved with enhancing communications between the United States and Asia.

This course will provide beginners with skills to communicate in basic Chinese language and have an in-depth understanding of Asian business culture. Participants will learn what to say when greeting a Chinese person; how to discuss hobbies, family, ordering dishes in a restaurant; and how to make business appointments. The course will also provide guidelines for doing business with Chinese customers by building guanxi (relationships), negotiating strategies, and understanding common Asian social customs. Other topics covered include greetings, festivals, food, history, geography, philosophy, and real-world case studies and lessons learned from front lines of doing business with China.


Anna Wei Marshall has over 15 years of Chinese teaching experience. She was an active “Asian Culture Ambassador” for the vibrant “Envoy Program” at Lockheed Martin. She provided basic Chinese conversation and Asian business culture classes to the internal employees and translated documents and published cultural reference guidelines for Lockheed Martin business with Asian customers. Anna holds a B.S. in international trade from China and dual master’s degrees in English and telecommunications and network management from Syracuse University. In addition to teaching the Chinese language, Anna has worked as a system integration analyst for Lockheed Martin in Syracuse, New York for eight years.

This course is an outreach service of the Penn State Harrisburg School of Business Administration.