Talking About Teaching Story Lab

This monthly gathering is an opportunity for faculty to share stories about best teaching practices with one another and to partner with the Faculty Center to document these practices.

We will be producing online case studies that can serve as a resource to other Penn State Harrisburg faculty and beyond. In our monthly meetings, we will also "workshop" ideas for documentation.

Sharing best practices is beneficial when:

  • you are trying to solve a problem in the face-to-face or online classroom;
  • you are in need of new ideas and inspiration; or,
  • you want to share a success that marks a transformation in your teaching.

This is an evolving space, so your involvement will determine our discussions and story production process.

Please consider joining in! No RSVP is required!

Other monthly gatherings will take place on September 21, October 19, and December 14.


03:00pm — 04:00pm

This event has ended; page retained for archival purposes only.


W207, Olmsted Building