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Pizza and a Movie: Requiem for a Dream


Drug addiction and dependence is a major problem on college campuses. The movie Requiem for a Dream details the downward trajectory of the lives of Harry Goldfarb; Sara Goldfarb, his mother; Marion Silver, Harry's girlfriend; and Tyrone Love, Harry's best friend, due to their drug use.

Prescription medication precipitates Sara's drug use. Harry, Marion, and Tyrone use drugs recreationally at the beginning of movie, and they become addicted. The brutal effects of drug use are demonstrated well. Each character had a dream that that drug use ruined.

At the end of the movie, all four characters are alive, but their lives are decimated. This movie is not for the faint of heart.

WARNING: Just like drug addiction, this film has disturbing images. The film contains drug use and explicit sexual material.


06:00pm — 08:30pm

This event has ended; page retained for archival purposes only.


Oliver LaGrone Cultural Arts Center, Olmsted Building