My So-Called Enemy

The International Film Festival


This documentary feature touches on a brave new front for peace: young women. Guest Filmmaker Lisa Gossels will be present at the showing.

In 2002, 22 Palestinian and Israeli teen girls visited the U.S. as part of the Building Bridges for Peace program. 'My So-Called Enemy' is a coming of age story about six of the program participants and how their experience of knowing their 'enemies' as human beings meets the realities of their lives back home in the Middle East. What unfolds is an emotionally charged film about the human consequences of all conflicts — as seen through the eyes of six young women who are thoughtful, intelligent and articulate beyond their years. (Michael Burke)


Country: USA

Directed by Lisa Gossels,  2010


06:30pm — 08:30pm

This event has ended; page retained for archival purposes only.


Auditorium, Olmsted Building