Engineering Capstone Design Conference

Senior Engineering and Engineering Technology Projects

Join us to learn about the future of engineering! These presentations represent the culmination of a project based on extensive research and design.


  • 8:00 a.m. - Breakfast
  • 8:30 a.m. - Featured Speaker: David P. Wirick General Manager ArcelorMittal Steelton LLC - Wirick has been in his current position since 2007, heading one of the top rail-producing facilities in North America. The Steelton plant is part of the Long Carbon North America division of ArcelorMittal, a global steel manufacturer. He holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a master’s in business and is a registered professional engineer.
  • 9:00 a.m. - Student Presentations

Students will present in various classrooms.

Capstone Project Titles 2013


  1. Bio-Diesel Processing Plant
  2. 3D Laser Scanner
  3. Harley Bobber
  4. The Wild Banshee
  5. Utility Rat Rod
  6. Beverage Brewing System
  7. Logarithmic Spiral Trebuchet
  8. Hover Craft
  9. Educational Solar Panel System
  10. Repulsive Attractive Bi-directional Inductance Drive
  11. Fluid Level Process Trainer
  12. HVAC Automated Cold Trap for TRANE
  13. Gas to Electric Motorcycle Conversion
  14. The Spokeless Bicycle
  15. PLC Controlled Conveyor System
  16. Enhancing Stair Climbing in Crutches
  17. Standing Assisted Wheelchair
  18. Shopping Cart Dryer
  19. Voice Operated Refrigerator Opener


  1. Autonomous Control Drone UAV
  2. Boat Leveling Sensor
  3. Electronic Window-Tint Control
  4. Energy Harvesting
  5. Hot Tub Occupancy Sensor
  6. Quad-rotor UAV
  7. RFID Proximity Detector
  8. Voice-to-Braille Translation

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08:00am — 11:30pm

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Special Events Room (E134), Olmsted Building