Two cars were burglarized on campus this evening, one in the library parking lot and one in the CUB parking lot. There were no signs of forced entry. Members of the college community are urged to always lock their vehicle doors. If you must keep valuables in your vehicle, store them out of sight.

Report suspicious activity to Police Services at 717-979-7976.

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Communion With Great Minds: That Is Their Right
(Spring 2013)

Harrisburg Commission for Women Meeting - Rescheduled from February 14, 2013

In front of library

Public libraries are more common than McDonalds - so much so, that it's hard to imagine our communities without them. Yet this was not always the case, and it takes many dedicated citizens decades to build and grow them.

The development of public libraries in Pennsylvania during the 1880s to 1940s would have been impossible without women. Based on eight years of research, Bernadette Lear will describe the history of the public library movement in Pennsylvania, highlighting the contributions of women to the cause.

Event rescheduled from February 14, 2013.


12:00pm — 01:00pm

This event has ended; page retained for archival purposes only.


W207, Olmsted Building