Can I Kiss You?

Program focuses on consent

"Can I Kiss You"

Join us for “Can I Kiss You?” - one of the most inclusive and sought-after programs for providing specific how-to skills for teaching consent, respect in relationships, bystander intervention, and addressing sexual assault.

Each year, the program is delivered hundreds of times to tens of thousands of students on campuses all over the North America. In a 45 to 60 minute “Can I Kiss You?” program, college students discover specific how-to skills for asking first for consent, making smarter choices with partners, supporting survivors of sexual assault, intervening when danger is present at parties and group settings with alcohol, and creating a cultural shift on campus.

For more information, visit the Can I Kiss You? webpage.

Lunch is provided.

This program is funded by the Student Activity Fund, Res Life, CFW and Police Services. FYS event.


11:30am — 01:00pm


Auditorium, Olmsted Building