Bus America: Revelation of a Redneck

Quay Hanna

Quay Hanna

What do you think of when you hear the word “redneck"? Monster trucks? Tractor pulls? NASCAR? Trailer parks? Confederate flags? Quay Hanna may spark you to reexamine your thought process in this engaging, provocative, and frank presentation on culture, labels, and racism.

Hanna’s lecture stems from his book, Bus America: Revelation of a Redneck, a chronicle of his 1993 post-college expedition around the United States by Greyhound bus. The nine-week journey carried him over twelve-thousand miles and through thirty-seven states, during which the small-town country boy confronted his label of “redneck,” and more specifically his views on race and prejudice.

Upon return to his home in Strasburg, Pennsylvania, he set upon a goal of dispelling the myth of racism within his subculture, while at the same time making a statement to many others that their labels and prejudice towards poor white America were equally debilitating to peace and understanding in the community.


12:00pm — 01:15pm

This event has ended; page retained for archival purposes only.


Gallery Lounge, Olmsted Building