Battle Me - An Urban Dramedy by the Zahir Family

Battle Me

Battle Me is a successful independent film written, produced, and directed by the Zahir Family of Harrisburg, PA. It is a uniquely constructed full-length urban dramedy about a shoddy middle-aged gambler, who after becoming indebted to the mob, guides a young hip-hop talent to triumph through a series of underground rap battles.

Battle Me is a thought provoking and culturally relevant feature. The film seeks to intrigue, entertain, and inspire its viewers by drawing attention to themes that are relatable yet understated throughout society in general and the African American subculture in particular. It is a visual hybrid that blends an unconventional method of storytelling with stylistic cinematography.

The showing and discussion of this film will help provide an academic forum for students majoring in disciplines such as, sociology, psychology, political science and the arts, to a unique and contemporary view of ideas to consider and/or examine. These ideas include cultural conditions that have become widespread nuisances that continue to interfere with the cohesion of society. There are also several opinions expressed that uncover the truth about male and female attitudes towards one another. These ideals will spark discussion and promote honest dialogue that would otherwise remain taboo. The movie is also based on styles and practices within the hip-hop culture.

The entire film was written, created, produced, edited, and marketed by young inner-city siblings that behold a passion for film, music, and art. They hold much self-taught and professional knowledge that can easily be bestowed upon film or theatre students. Battle Me is their second film that not only entertains but educates across disciplines.

This event is free and open to the public.

Sponsored and funded by the Offices of Student Activities Fund (SAF) and Campus Life & Intercultural Affairs (CLIA). For more information, please contact Leia Rowland at and/or 717-948-6273.


04:30pm — 06:00pm

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Oliver LaGrone Cultural Arts Center, Olmsted Building