The 6th Annual Black Student Union Fashion Show

"Designs of the Decades"

The 6th Annual BSU Fashion Show "Designs of the Decades"

Over the past six years, the Black Student Union (BSU) hs produced one of the biggest and most recognizable events on campus, the Fashion Show. The fashion shows have been used to educate and inspire the audience with messages through entertainment and fashion.

In the past, our shows have tackled topics such as the going-green movement and the awareness ribbons, which included domestic violence, cancer, and etc. Last year, we took the audience on a world tour-spreading diversity.

The BSU realized that people often surround themselves with people from their same ethnicity, nationality, or culture because they are afraid to intermingle. As a result, the BSU diminished all possible fears and discomforts by having each scene represent a designated country, city, or culture, (e.g., Paris, Africa, India, and China). This year’s theme is "Design of the Decades." We will travel through the 20th century to educate the audience about historical time periods such as the Harlem Renaissance/Roaring 20s, The Great Depression, and World War II through dancing, comedy, acting, theatrics, costumes, and more.

It seems that as years go by the generational gap between people continues to grow. As a result, people lose touch with their past and forget that what they are accustomed to today is most likely a remake or was inspired by something of the past. From the hippy '60s and funky '70s, to the bright '80s and grungy '90s, this will be a stellar event. On behalf of the BSU, we thank you for your consideration and look forward to your participation and support.

The mission of the Black Student Union is to enrich and educate the campus on the black culture (African-Americans, West Indians, and Africans), advocate on behalf of the black students and other underrepresented students, and to support the personal growth and development of its members through educational programs, networking, social events, leadership skills, and other activities.


07:00pm — 09:00pm

This event has ended; page retained for archival purposes only.


Gymnasium, Capital Union Building (CUB)