Supply Chain Management

Penn State Harrisburg’s Project and Supply Chain Management major concentrates on developing knowledge, skills, and abilities in project management, a dynamic and important discipline in modern corporations. These project management skills include the development of new projects, and coordinating procurement and project delivery systems. The major also emphasizes the integration of manufacturing and service operations, logistics, purchasing, and distribution that enable organizations to develop value-creating supply chain networks. The major provides students with an opportunity to develop the quantitative and people skills necessary to design and operate today's complex management systems. Students learn how to manage critical components in organizational supply chains, and apply business analytic methods for organizing and fully integrating supply chain practices throughout the organization.

Graduates are uniquely well-prepared for careers in some of the highest in-demand professions in the modern business and government environments, managing the supply chain and projects initiative in world-class business firms, public sector organizations, construction, IT organizations, third-party logistics providers, and goods and services distribution operations.

Academic Offerings


Graduate or Postbaccalaureate Certificate