Master of Education in Training and Development

The Masters of Education in Training and Development at Penn State Harrisburg is designed to be a flexible educational experience especially geared toward working adults. We aim to develop in our students the ability to assess and improve learning, performance, and change at the individual, group, and organizational levels. Through its combination of core requirements and elective courses, students are able to tailor a plan of study across the related disciplines that make up the field of Training and Development that focus on improving the capabilities and capacities of individuals and organizations.

These areas are:

  • Training – Instructional design, development, delivery, and evaluation of learning interventions that address learning needs of individuals in the context of the performance needs of the organization.
  • Human Resource Development – Linking and aligning a range of integrated learning and performance improvement approaches (including but not limited to training) to the strategy of the organization at large.
  • Organizational Development – Fostering and orchestrating changes within and across the organizational system with an eye toward helping organizations and the individuals who comprise them advance toward their full potential.
  • Training and Development Technology – Critical to the success in each of the three areas is a range of technologies that support and drive interventions and strategies focused on learning and change. Our focus is on helping students develop critical thinking skills with respect to the role that contemporary technologies play as they rapidly evolve. 

Degree Conferred: M.Ed.

Did you know there is also a Graduate Certificate program in Training and Development?