Integrated B.S/M.A. Degree in Applied Psychological Research

The Applied Research Psychology Program offers an integrated undergraduate/graduate (IUG) program designed to allow academically superior psychology undergraduates to obtain both the B.S. in Psychology and M.A. in Applied Psychological Research within five years of study. The first three years of undergraduate coursework are the same as other psychology undergraduates, but the interested students apply for the IUG program in the spring of their junior year of study. If admitted to the IUG, the fourth year of study includes the graduate courses Ethics and Professional Practice in Psychology and Counseling (PSYC 500), Research Methods (PSYC 521) in the fall and Statistics (PSYC 521) in the spring. The IUG students then complete the remaining master’s degree requirements in the fifth year, including the master’s paper (PSYC 530).

The integrated B.S./M.A. degree in Psychology meets the needs of the most academically talented students in the Psychology undergraduate major. A large proportion of the most academically talented students apply or wish to apply to graduate schools during their final year of undergraduate studies or soon after graduation. These students can benefit from the integrated degree because it provides a more challenging curriculum that allows them to accelerate their program of study to possibly receive an undergraduate and graduate degree within 5 years of study. Additionally, the integrated program can provide these students with a more cohesive program of study with opportunities to engage in a more comprehensive research experience leading to both the bachelor and master’s degree.