Certificate Program in Diversity in Community

The Diversity in Community Certificate program is designed for both students and professionals seeking to understand the increasing heterogeneity of U.S. society. Misconceptions and apprehension arising from differences in class and ethnic background, gender, language, mental ability, physical ability, race, religion, and sexuality often accompany such rapid social change and are impediments to healthy community and personal relations. The certificate program is intended to equip students and professionals with knowledge and understanding needed to devise strategies for building good personal, working, and community relations.

Who Should Enroll

The program should appeal to working professionals, concerned individuals, and students who feel under- or ill-prepared to work in diverse settings and/or who desire to explore a new, more critical approach toward questions of justice, power, and diversity. Specifically, the program will benefit business and government leaders and employees, teachers and administrators, social and human service providers, and health care professionals along with students – both undergraduate and graduate. Most of the courses in the program can be taken as part of the elective credits in the graduate program in Community Psychology and Social Change and in the undergraduate Sociology and Applied Behavioral Science majors.