Doctor of Education in Lifelong Learning and Adult Education

Adults learn and are educated in diverse settings: in formal educational institutions; in the workplace; and through diverse organizations in local communities. They also learn informally through media and popular culture, life experiences, and self directed efforts both online and offline. The field of adult education focuses on how educators can facilitate teaching and learning by taking into account that adults learn in these multiple settings.

The Doctor of Education program in Lifelong Learning and Adult Education is intended to inspire students to engage in innovative approaches to research, adult learning theory, and teaching in diverse settings that account for the multiple ways people make meaning and create new knowledge. The program is designed for working adults who can pursue doctoral study part-time. Typically, students are engaged in careers as instructors, educators, program planners, and administrators in higher education, business and industry, the military, the health and medical professions, cultural institutions, literacy and community development, religious education, human services, or distance education. Throughout the program, students are encouraged to attend and present at national and international conferences and to work on submitting papers for publication.

Degree Conferred: D.Ed.